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Throw the Benadryl out the window!!

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Throw the Benadryl out the window!

            Starting in early August I find myself waking up in the middle of the night itching my throat and sneezing.  As the days go on it gets worse and worse, to the point that I feel sick.  I cannot keep taking allergy pills because they make me dizzy and high.  What the heck are we allergy sufferers supposed to do?  There is not a cure for seasonal allergies, but here are a few ways to help you suffer…less. 

            HONEY… Local honey is what works.  Whether you drink it in tea, pour it over your oatmeal or straight up, honey is my favorite allergy fix.  The breakdown of why honey works: The blooming, pollinating plants and trees outside your window are making your eyes, throat sinuses itchy and watery.  The bees pollinate the blooming plants and trees, take it to the hive and make honey.  Inside the honey are tiny pollen particles which are very powerful inoculators.  The more local the more likely the bees pollinated the same blooms that are bothering your sinuses. 

WARNING: Children under the age of 1 year should not ingest honey.  If it were my children (if I had any) I would hold off giving them honey until the age of 5. 

            HERBS…  I grow herbs in my garden all around the house.  They are great, cheap accents to food and drinks.  There are many different varieties of herbs that will enhance or help any meal or allergy or headaches.  To relieve allergies take a handful of mint (as many varieties you have growing) and steep them for 4 minutes.  To steep simply put herbs in boiling water and let sit.  If you don’t have a steeping pot, pick one up at Target or Starbucks.  They both run about $25.  Starbucks also has one for under $20 that is for on the go.  To make this steeped herbal allergy relief more powerful add honey to it. 

            Next time you get an allergy attack close the cabinet door and leave the Benadryl ALONE.  Try these natural allergy remedies and see how great you will feel.  You will thank me later.