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Bomboras Grille

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

While vacationing in Hilton Head this past weekend, we came across a great “chill bar”, Bomboras Grille.  A “chill bar” is exactly that, a cool place to drink and relax.  Its initial draw was the great selection of microbrews and wide knowledge of spirits.  We chilled on the front lawn in rocking chairs, yes rocking chairs, as we watched the warm sun disappear.  But it wasn’t until our second visit the following day that we got to see the cooler side of this “chill bar”.  The owner, Todd, poured me a beer from the bottom of the cup and explained the process (video link below).  This amazing system pours the perfect beer with zero head and minimizes waste.  If you have bartended like me, you know that many things can affect how a beer is poured, and bad pours can create a ton of waste, slowing you down.  This new system was a total hit for me.  After pouring my beer, Todd placed it on a cooling coater on the bar.  This coaster kept my beer ice cold.  Soooo cool!!!  Another fun fact about Bomboras Grille is they are only one of eight in the country to use the iPad as their POS system.  The servers place all orders on their phones!!! 

Bomboras Grille has so many cool features and new ways to enjoy your chill buzz.  The winner for me is if you take away all the cool gadgets there is one valuable feature that is priceless: heart.  Everyone who worked there had this.  Heart is the one thing that will draw a crowd and keep them coming back again and again. 

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