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Mint mojito

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

My aunt introduced me to my favorite drink a few years ago, the mint mojito! I have it many different ways and at many different restaurants but nothing is better than making it on your own. Its simple and cheap and here are a few tips to making mint mojitos all summer long.

Grow your own mint. Mint is extremely easy to grow and it as so many uses around the house and in recipes. However mint is extremely invasive and will take over wherever it is planted. My advise for growing mint is in a large pot, this will prevent it from taking over.

The other reason to grow your own mint is to save money. In the store the cut mint can be up to $4 for a few leaves and God only knows when that was picked.

The most important bartending tool you can have to make this drink is a muddler.  A muddler is a barteding tool used like a pestle to mash, muddler and smash fruit, herbs and spices for drinks to release flavors.  This tool can be found at stores such as Target , Williams-Sonoma and Bed Bath and Beyond for under $20.  They can get pretty expensive so be careful where you search for one.

Enjoy your mint mojitos this summer!  Cheers!

Mint Mojito

Makes one refreshing drink

4-5 mint leaves

1 oz simple syrup

4-5 lime wedges

2 oz of your favorite rum

Topper of soda water or lemon-lime soda


To make simple syrup measure equal parts of sugar and water and pour into a pan.  Heat until all the sugar is dissolved and the liquid is clear.  Place in an air tight container and store in refrigerator.  Simple syrup expires in one week. 

Place a few rushed iced cubes in the bottom of a tumbler glass along with ripped up mint leaves, limes and simple syrup.  Muddle ingredients together.  Fill tumbler to top with ice and add your rum.  Cover top and shake away!  Remove lid and top with soda.  Garnish with lime and enjoy!

Girl Scout Breakfast

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

A few weekends ago I had the opportunity to spend the night camping in Barnesville Oh with a few dear friends. I was reunighted with my first true love… Girl Scout Breakfast. I have made this meal many times but with a more grown up taste. Two of the best versions of girl Scout Breakfast I got to cook on a larger scale thank Camp Ledgewood. One of which was on Channel 3’s Good Company that had a few substitutions for the mane ingreadients that took a little guilt out of the filling meal. The other favorite recipe I cooked it for a very significant interview in which I took a ton of pictures but cannot give any further details of the nature of the interview. I love this simple breakfast. However on that cold morning in Barnesville the original recipe was made and enjoyed in the warmth of the main cabin by Jean. She announced the night before that she would have Girl Scout Breakfast and hot coffee ready for when we awoke. It was so exciting to run down the long hill with Mr Billson like it was Christmas morning to be with close friends and eat our favorite meal. I hope you enjoy this meal as much as I have. I also have a more grown up recipe in there as well just for good meadure! Enjoy and cheers!

Hash Brown Hash

(Girl Scout Breakfast)

-       4 large potatoes cubed

-       1 lb sausage (I love the spicy)

-       8-12 eggs

-       2 cups shredded cheddar cheese (or your favorite)

In a hot skillet, begin to brown the sausage seasoning with salt and pepper.  Place cubed potatoes in boiling water and boil until fork tender.  Be careful not to overcook the potatoes at this point because they will continue to cook in the skillet.  When tender gently drain the potatoes and set aside.  When sausage is browned remove from the skillet but keep the juices from the sausage in the skillet.  Season the juices with salt and pepper and add 1 tbs butter and GENTLY place the potatoes in the butter juice.  Turn the heat to medium and let the potatoes brown.  They will begin to absorb all the butter juice and get nice and crispy brown.  Flip the potatoes and place 1 to 2 tbs of butter in the middle of the skillet.  The potatoes will again absorb the butter.  When the potatoes are beautiful, brown and crispy, place the sausage back into the skillet.  In a large bowl break all your eggs from the shells and whisk until they are combined.  Be sure to season the eggs with a little salt and pepper.  Pour the egg mixture over the potatoes and sausage, gently stirring.  When the eggs are cooked spoon onto platter and sprinkle cheese over the top.  Cover with aluminum foil for the cheese to melt.  Serve immediately. 

Sweet Potato Hash

-3 large sweet potatoes cubed

-1 quart mushrooms, sliced

-1/2 large white onion

-1 cup dried and sweet cranberries

-1 apple cubed

-1/2 cup feta cheese

-6 large eggs

Bring water to boil in large sauce pot and par boil the sweet potatoes.  Drain the sweet potatoes and set aside.  In large skillet, sauté chopped onions in butter until soft and toss in sweet potatoes.  Spread the potatoes evenly over pan and let cook, turning only occasionally. 

In separate skillet sauté onions in butter or olive oil, season with salt and pepper. 

When the potatoes are brown and crispy pour onto a large platter, layer the mushrooms on top.  Sprinkle the apples, cranberries and feta cheese on top. 

Reheat large skillet and melt butter to cook eggs sunny-side-up. Pour over top of sweet potato hash and serve immediately. 

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