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Damian: Death Metal Demoesticated

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Once in a while you meet someone who inspires you to be a better person.  If you are lucky enough you get become friends with them.  For me, Ive met some amazing, awe-inspiring people over the past few years in the coking world.  This is one of their stories…

Enjoy this glass of Meade with me after I kick your ass in the ring?!?!

The only time I have heard of death metal and domestic come together in a sentence was a sesame street skit of what two things do not go together, until I met Damian Legion.  He is a Jack Daniel and a Meade kind of guy, two completely opposite drinks.  One whisky, the other fermented honey.  Just like Damian, strong, powerful flavor but extremely sweet.

Damian Legion, pro wrestler… looks as though he had killed a biker gang in the side alley minutes before entering the room.  Reading his instagram bio you get the picture of a much softer side of him.

“I’m told I’m awesome. NYC. Wrestler. Bad ass cook. Lover of babies, sci fi, hugs and metal. We should probably be friends.”

I met Damian on the set of Master Chef 4 last year in LA.  He was one of the kindest people I have ever met, not to mention his ability to keep his positive energy through 7 LONG days of filming.   He was the guy you wanted to sit by in between shoots. Since we have been home, Ive had the pleasure of becoming his “lil sis”.  Its only fare that I can share with you why he is so cool.

At an early age Domian’s mom threw her back out.  Being such a painful injury she showed him around the kitchen.  Although his skills we naturally awesome he started experimenting a little more after watching Food Networks, Alton Brown in the kitchen.  Alston explained why things worked.  With that he began expanding.

Damian was also a fan of the WWF.  To my SURPRIZE I learned from him these men and women are trained!!!!  Right?!?!  Much to Damian’s surprise a school opened up right around the corner from his place.  So for about $3,000 he trained for pro wresting.His training not only taught him how to perform in the ring but how to take care of yourself like an athlete with training and diet.  Combining his training with the love of food reactions influenced by Alton Brown, Damian’s journey began.  That’s is where we met on Master Chef 4.

Damian has been doing a few different  live podcasts.  Blog talk started before Master Chef.  It is a once a week podcast that is about wrestling.  Master Chef gave him the courage or “balls” that he needed to step out on his own and do his own blog.  Thus “DMD Culinary” was born.  Subjects on cooking, wresting, wrestling and cooking and zombies.  I was thrilled to hear this, zombies are one of my secret obsessions.

Getting to know this awesome guy has been a pretty damn cool experience and Im glad to call him friend!  Below are links to his podcasts.  You will NOT want to miss one!

Death Metal Domesticated

Z.E.D.D. Radio

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