Green Curry Shopping List

I wanted to get ahead on Monday’s post by giving y’all a shopping list a few days ahead of time. Green Curry is one of my favorite dishes to make and I am super excited to share! There are a few items that may take extra time to find at your local grocer and/or may need to be ordered! Don’t sweat it, I’ll make it very easy on you!

Green Curry Shopping List:
1 bu green onions
1 ea eggplant
2 ea fresh bell peppers – I chose yellow and red purely for color
1 ea white onion
1 knob fresh ginger
1 oz dried shiitake (order link below)
4 oz green curry paste (order link below)
2 c long grain rice (shortcut below)
2 – 16oz cans coconut milk (make sure it is not coconut cocktail, it will be overwhelmingly sweet)
4 c (1 qt) chicken stock (to keep vegan, use vegetable stock)
4 ea chicken thighs (shortcut: rotisserie chicken) chicken is optional for vegan
1 t numeric powder (not shown)

If you are not familiar with green curry paste, ask your local grocer if its carried. If not below are the links to order green curry paste from Both are great options, you cannot go wrong with either!

Another key ingredient is dried shiitake. The reason for choosing dried is once rehydrated and sliced, it adds a unique texture to the curry and the flavor is super intense. Most grocers carry dried shiitake however the link is below for ordering on If you absolutely detest mushrooms, please give this method a chance, you can always pick them out of your bowl!

Long Grain Rice… this can be tricky, but I will walk you through each step! If you do not have a rice cooker, multi cooker, no worries! instant rice is a great substitute! I’ve used it for years before I learned proper methods!

I am so excited to share this great recipe with you! Good luck on shopping!