Green Curry

This dish has become a weekly staple in our home. Good news… its simple to make and freezes like a CHAMP! Make once, enjoy it twice!

Ingredient List

In the previous post, I outlined the shopping list and places to order products! Check it out for more details!

Yield: 3 quarts green curry /2 quarts ginger tumric rice

1 bu green onion
1 eggplant
2 bell peppers (any color)
1 oz dried shiitake mushrooms
1 ea white onion
1 in knob fresh ginger
2 c long grain white rice
2 – 16oz cans coconut milk
4 c UNSALTED chicken stock (vegetable stock if keeping vegan)
1 t turmeric powder (not pictured)

Chicken Thighs

Baking the Chicken

Preheat the oven to 375F . Place chicken skin side up and salt liberally. All of the ingredients are SALT FREE. You will add the salt to your taste.  

Baking the chicken takes about 45 min to 1 hour. Bake until the skin is browned.  

*Breast vs thigh. Breast has low fat content and flavor and tends to dry up, which is why its used in a lot of healthy cooking. The thigh is full of flavor and has a higher fat content. Cooking with the skin on and bone in only increase the flavor and mouth feel. For this recipe, I will always use thigh. However, if you decide to use breast, only use two.  

*In my last post, a guest suggested using a store bought rotisserie chicken to save time! Great idea! If decided to use one, remove all meat before it chills. It will come off very easily.

When the chicken is baked, let cool enough to touch and remove the meat from bone. Set aside with the chopped mise

Rehydrating Shiitake Mushrooms

To rehydrate the shiitake mushrooms is super easy. In a small cooking pot, place 1oz mushrooms in 3 cups water. Bring to a boil and reduce to simmer. Simmer uncovered until liquid is reduced to 1/2 c. It takes about 20 minutes or so. Putting the chicken in the oven to bake and rehydrating the mushrooms is done while setting up mise en place.

When they are hydrated, strain and reserve mushroom water for later. Let mushrooms cool to touch and slice.

Equipment mise en place

Making sure you have all of the equipment mise en place is just as important as ingredient mise en place. It will save so much stress, frustration and anxiety when you have all the ducks in a row before time!

Equipment mise:
Rice cooker or multi cooker (no worries if you don’t have either of these, instant rice is just fine)
Mise cups, the next slide will show you why. They do not have to match, just be functional)
Can opener
Steel on enamel cooking pot. This distributes the heat evenly. If you do not have one, use a cooking pot, lower the heat and keep a closer eye on it.

Mise Cuts and Order

1: White onion: small wedges and peel the layers apart
2: Bell Peppers: large dice
3: Curry Paste
4: Stock
5: Coconut Milk
6: Mushroom Stock
7: Shiitake Mushroom: sliced
8: Green Onions: light end, cut into 1″ lengths
9: Chicken: pulled
10: Green Onions: dark ends, sliced thin for garnish

*CLEAN UP TIME!!! At this time, the chicken and mushrooms should be finished and in the mise cups. Before anything begins cooking, take advantage of this time and clean. The less chaos, the more time can be focused on technique!

*Tip: This is the perfect mise set up to do the night before. Cover each item up and label and date them and refrigerate. When its time to prepare dinner, its already to go! With adult supervision, this would be a great time to involve children, teenagers or a partner! Cooking and learning together creates special memories.

Preheat the pot to medium high (7 out of 10). Let the pot get warm.
Add oil, I use grape-seed oil.
Add onions and let sweat . Cook without color! Once they become slightly translucent, proceed to the next step.
Add bell peppers and sweat.
I like to add a nice helping of salt at this time.
Add 4oz green curry paste and stir constantly.
When it begins to stick just slightly proceed to the next step.

Using a wire whisk, whisk in chicken (or veg) stock, and mushroom stock.
This will appear a little grainy…keep whisking.

When this is incorporated, add coconut milk and continue whisking
Being to boil and reduce to simmer
Add eggplant, green onions and chicken.
Bring back to simmer
Stir occasionally

Ginger Tuneric Rice

Properly rinsing rice will ensure a fluffy, clean outcome

To rinse:
place rice in cooking basket and run cold water over. Agitate with hands
Pour milky water out carefully and repeat until water settles clear. This takes 7-8 tries.

When clear, flatten rice on bottom. Gently lay hand on top of rice and fill with cold water until water reaches just over your finger nail bed.

Place cooking basket into machine and add peeled knob of ginger and 1t of turmeric and stir. Close up and turn to cook.

*CLEAN UP TIME – clean up all items that are not soiled. When the rice is done cooking, the curry should be done

Time to Eat!

When the rice is cooking, season the curry with salt, stir and taste. If needs more season, add more, store, taste and repeat until the proper seasoning is reached.

Fluff rice and plate up! I hope this becomes a staple in your home as it is in mine!

*To freeze – make sure its chilled through and ladle into a quart freezer bag, close up and lay flat. Repeat until all is bagged up. Place each bag into a gallon size freezer bag with parchment paper in-between. Label and date the bags, this will help later, trust me! Lay flat in freezer. Do the same with the ginger, turmeric rice.

*This defrosts super quick and its great for a fast, but truly satisfying dinner, lunch or lazy day breakfast!

*reheat to a boil for 15 seconds, stirring consistently!