Classic Salads

Classic Summer Salads

These classic salads were a staple growing up in my house!  Its been brought to my attention that some of you have never made these or have not made them in a LONG time!  Or even worse, you have a bad food memory of these… bummer!  No time like now to try and share these three classics!  Add your own twist and share on my social media!

Tuna Salad

1- can of tuna – I prefer tuna in water.  Dealers choice!

1/2 c- mayo – (not pictured)  use your favorite

2 stocks – celery – small dice

1/2sm shallot – small dice

1/4t celery salt

1/2t black pepper

1t kosher salt

Drain tuna to eliminate the salad being water or oily.  Mix tuna, mayo, celery salt, black pepper and salt together.  Fold the celery and shallot into the salad for a great crunch!


Egg Salad

6ea hard boiled eggs – eggs and whites separated  (steps listed below)

1/4c dill pickles small diced

1T mustard

1/2c mayo – your favorite

1t – pickle liquid

1/2t – salt

1/4t – black pepper

There are so many ways to hard boil eggs, this is my favorite!

Bring water to rolling boil in a medium pot.  Gently add the eggs and set timer for 12 minutes.  Remove pot from heat when timer is up and pour out as much boiling water as possible.  Shake the pot back and forth to crack the eggs (use caution – they are HOT)  – this will ensure the membrane from the shell will not stick to the white and peel clean.  Add in cold water and ice to cool the eggs, this will stop the cooking process.   When eggs are cool, peel and separate the whites and yolks.

Using a whisk or back end of a fork to work the yolks into a powder.

Whip in the the mayo, mustard, salt, pepper and pickle juice into the yolks.

Fold in the dill pickles and chopped egg whites


Chicken Salad

4ea roasted chicken thighs OR 1ea rotisserie chicken diced

1c small dice celery

1c small dice carrot

1/2c small dice shallot

1t salt

1/2t pepper

1/4t celery salt

1/2c sour cream

1/2c mayo (I used a 1c measuring cup for the pic, its only half full)

Mix sour cream, mayo, salt, pepper and celery salt together.  Fold into chicken, celery, carrot and shallot.



Serve with your favorite bread, toasted, fresh vegetables.


Spring Pea Toast

This spring pea toast will be a hit in your home, office, brunch, midnight snack… you get it!

During a short visit last week to my parents home in Ohio, I wanted to take advantage of the natural light that pours into the house. I whipped up this simple spring pea toast simply because of the colors. Well, it ended up being a HUGE hit with my dad (who is a traditional meat and potato guy) as well as my mom and her crafting friends. This is a super simple, make ahead, substitutable, lovely toast!

Spring Pea Toast

Yield: 8-10 servings

Cream Cheese
1# (2 packages) ROOM TEMP cream cheese
1t hot pepper flakes (optional)
1/4c fresh chopped dill
1/4c fresh chopped fresh fennel fronds*
1T fresh lime juice (use 1t if from a bottle)
S&P to taste

*fennel fronds are the soft “dill” like wisps on the top of fresh fennel. Cut those babies off for this… no worries, there are many ways to use the fresh fennel bulb, it will not go to waste!
*chop the fennel fronds and fresh dill very small. If left long, the cream cheese mixture will be stringy.

Smashed Peas
16oz frozen spring peas – defrosted (if you are lucky enough to have fresh peas… know that I am jealous!)*
2T extra virgin olive oil
1T fresh lime juice (1t if from a bottle)
S&P to taste

*Peas, love them or hate them… this dish can still work for you. Substitute peas for frozen, SHELLED, edamame.

1 fresh sourdough or really good loaf of fresh bread from a bakery… I know this is vague but my bakery has different bread everyday, I go with a crusty crust and a dense squeeze!
1/2 stick butter…REAL butter

In a stand mixer (or hand mixer) add cream cheese and lime juice. Turn on Medium high and mix for 8-10 minutes until its light and fluffy. The mixer will incorporate air into the cream cheese making it fluffy!

While the cream cheese is going, place a pan on the stove on medium high. Let heat up for a few minutes.
Slice the bread into desired thickness.
When the pan is properly heated, 1/2T butter (follow measurements on the butter wrapper) in pan. place one slice of bread directly on top of butter and with hand move bread in circles until the butter is melted and distributed on bread.
Check the bread every few minutes. You should see it becoming GBD – Golden Brown & Delicious!
Flip bread over and repeat the same butter distribution and GBD method.
When toast is done, place on a cooling rack to let air properly circulate. If placed on a plate, moisture would accumulate creating soggy, sad toast.

When the cream cheese is fluffy and bright white, remove with rubber spatula and place in a mixing bowl. Add pepper flakes, fennel fronds and fresh dill. It should be light enough to whisk, incorporating evenly. add salt and pepper to taste… this means little at a time, taste, adjust and taste again!

Place the fresh defrosted peas into a mixing bowl. Smash with the back of a fork or my personal favorite, mash potato masher. Do not over smash into a paste, just enough to break them up and not roll around everywhere! Add EVOO and lime juice. Salt and pepper can be added to taste, adjust and taste again!

Smear cream cheese spread liberally onto toast. Sprinkle peas mix on top. Devour and enjoy!!

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